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Hi, I'm Mark Steven Lewis. Welcome to my profile!

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Mark Steven Lewis is well known international hairdresser, and an up and coming photographer in San Francisco. In 2010, he was placed in 4th-8th places in all 8 categories for beauty in's top 10 list. This year of 2012 in March, Google+'s book " Plus One Collection" accepted a photography submission and is being published as a photographer. He has maintained that his desire for education and creativity are the root of his success. Mark said, " I have been visited by many angels throughout my lifetime. I have one guardian angel who guides me as is needed. There has to be many people who believe the same way as I do. I have had some beautiful people tell me that I am an angel for them that has been sent to help them in their hour of need. I can accept that and I am honored and humbled to be considered an angel for others. If that is what I have been called to be, then I will always be there for them. I am a lucky man and have had many blessings. I am happy to share my blessings to help others.

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Hair,Hairdresser,Photography,Art,Music,Technology,Flowers,Social Networking,Graphic Design,Web Design,Fine Art,

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